Jacobo + Maria Angeles Ojeda
El Divino ~ Don Manuel Jiménez
Armando and Antonia Jiménez

It only takes one visit to the city of Oaxaca to immediately comprehend and explain the genesis of its' arts and crafts industry, and the numerous and renowned artists that have originated from there. With just one view of the majestic temples of Monte Alban, or one encounter with the picturesque vistas on the roads leading to Arrazola, San Martin Tilcajete and La Union Tejalapan, one begins entertaining notions that they, too, would be inspired to create art that reflects this wondrous place, if they had the good fortune to live there. Whether we are speaking of animals, vegetables or minerals, there are constants that can be depended upon: the air is full of magic, the colors are glorious, the variety is amazing.
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