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  ¡Gol! July Noticias

¡Hola, dear Friends of Mexico Lindo! We're glad to be welcoming the arrival of Summer at last! We have been stricken by World Cup fever and want to remind you that replica jerseys for many of the competing countries are still available either in the store or on this page.

Dutch.jpgSilver Skull by Alexis NutinielTri.jpg

We wanted to let you know about a few small pieces that we have in the store and also on the site, by Alexis Nutini, which highlight a new, smaller style of work that he is experimenting with (see above, center). On his redesigned cover page in the Galeria section of the site, you will also find a link to Alexis' page where you can view his large scale works and archives. 

We have some beautiful glassware that could come in handy for your summer get-togethers: below, left: small cobalt striped set of six, $42. Center: Right, tall green stripe, $46. And for those who may be curious about the unusual little merry go 'round in the center, it's painted in the style of gourds form Michoacan and yes, it does turn around! $120. The Oaxacan kitties, bunny and dog by Jose Olivera Perez are all either $32 or $40.

glassware.jpg Another fun party decorating idea, especially for childrens' birthdays. are miniature and small candeholders from Izucar, below: on the extreme left and right, birthday candle sized minis are $14.Center: animal and cactus themes range from  $28-36.


For those from out of state: as always, if you see something you want here, or have a question, just send Lisa an email or call toll free to make arrangements!

 ¡Hasta la proxima vez...until next time, have some fun in the sun!

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