íViva Mexico!
  ¡Viva Mexico!  ¡Viva la Independencia! September Noticias ~ Newsletter 2010

¡Hola, dear Friends of Mexico Lindo! September 16th marks the Bicentennial commemoration of Mexico's Independence and we have compiled a recommended reading list for you on this Amazon page. For those unfamiliar with the circumstances of the Revolution (which sees its' own important Centennial on November 20th of this year, as well) and subsequent independence, you can read more about it on this Wikipedia page.

We are oh so close to garnering our 200th Fan or Person that Likes our Facebook Page and it would be great to reach and surpass that milestone before Mexico's 200th Independence Day, so please think of joining us there. Updates there include links to relevant news articles and videos, info about special events, and unique photo albums, such as the two most recent: "What's In the Window?" and "Show Us Your Tats!". Speaking of that, we know you're out there, tattooed people, we have seen many of you...so please email Lisa your pix of your Mexican themed or inspired tattoos for inclusion there! If you prefer Twitter, the posts to the Facebook page appear there as well at #Mexico_Lindo.

Ordinarily we would be having a special event for Indendence Day and inviting you to the store, but we will be busy shopping for you in Mexico at that time! This trip will include a much anticipated return to Oaxaca, and so anyone that has special requests, should email Lisa now and we'll do our best to comply with your wish lists.

To our Jewish friends observing Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we extend our greetings and best wishes for the New Year and an easy fast.

¡We'll have lots of great new things to share with you when we return.....until then, saludos!


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