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      News ~ Noticias ~ September 2008

Hola, Friends of Mexico Lindo! We know that everyone is busy at this time and so we'll keep it short; just a  few  quick notes of interest for you:

For last minute online shoppers and all of those collectors who have waited oh so patiently for some new Oaxacan woodcarvings to appear on the site, please see page 8 and page 9  by clicking on these links and check out some new offerings from Jacobo and Maria, Armando and Antonia, Bertha Cruz, Angelico and Isaias,Tribus Mixes and others.

For those in the vicinity of the physical store,  we want to remind you that  this weekend, December 20th and 21st, to come and celebrate the  the Winter Solstice with us: we'll have some hot chocolate from Oaxaca for your shopping comfort and joy, as well as cookies. :) The 21st  will also be the beginning of Hanukkah and you may have the chance to see the parade of cars with their rooftop menorahs lit driving down Murray Avenue if you arrive around 4:00 pm.; it's an impressive sight that no one should miss!

The new Mexico Lindo vintage wall calendars have arrived, and as always they are our gift to you with your purchase of 15.00 or more in December and January. For those who have already made their visits early in the month but didn't get their calendars, just remind us of your purchase to receive your calendar.

We know that times are uncertain for many in the current economical climate, so let us remind you that ours is one of the few local stores where you can find unique, fair trade, handmade items in price ranges beginning as low as 4.00 for a tin ornament or 8.00 for a beaded bracelet that is one of a kind, just to name a few great gift ideas.

Not everyone is aware of the fact that the poinsettia originated in Mexico.  Many assert that the same is true of cacao , which is used to make chocolate. How fortunate we are to  have been bestowed with so many treasures from this magical land! 

As the year comes to a close, we must thank all of our customers for their continued support and encouragement, and we extend our best wishes to you:

                 Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All

¡Until next time,Saludos!

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