News ~ Noticias ~ April 2007
¡Hola, dear Friends of Mexico Lindo! We hope that the arrival of Spring finds everyone well. Our recent buying trip in February was a great treasure hunt, and many of you have already been to the store and seen for yourselves all of the new ceramic Trees of Life, Menorahs and sterling silver jewelry, to name just a few things. We will be sharing pictures of some of our favorite finds with you in our next newsletter. In the meantime, we have some special items and projects to tell you about and we hope that you will all be as excited as we are:
Help us to adopt Koda Rogers and Nuka McFeely, the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium's star polar bears for a chance to win a Polar Bear alebrije by Oaxacan artist Armando Jiménez! Armando's work is known and collected by people all over the world, and this stunning bear with a retail value of $180 would be a grand addition to any collection or a great start to the begining of one. Raffle tickets are $15.00 or three for $40.00 and the drawing will be held on July 1st, 2007. If we succeed in raising more than $250.00 for the adoption, the lucky winner of the raffle will also win 10 free Zoo passes and we will be helping the Zoo’s continuing conservation efforts. Raffle tickets may be purchased in person at the store, online via Paypal here or by phone with a credit card. Email Lisa or call 412.422.9984 if you need more information or have any questions. To learn more about the Zoo's Adopt an Animal Program, visit their website.
By Popular Demand: Many of you have commented on the We Are All Immigrants sign in our window and asked where you could obtain one. While the best way to get a sign is by participating in a local or national march for Immigrants' Rights, you can get the next best thing: an original bumpersticker that we have produced. These have been waterproofed to withstand May Showers and retail for $4.00. Supplies are limited, but we will take special orders if we run out.
Support Independent Media with your purchase of the DVD: Delegado Zero en Yucatán y Quintana Roo, It contains all the video newsreels produced by the Other Journalism video team from the first leg of Marcos’ Other Campaign tour, from the Mayan-descended farming communities of the Yucatan peninsula, to the tourism industry workers of the resort city of Cancún, to the streets of the capital city of Mérida. 72% of the proceeds for this DVD go directly back to the Fund for Authentic Journalism. $7.00
Available Now: "Holy Week in Mexico's Heartland: Images of Holy Week through the eyes of 15 Photographers", featuring the work of Winifred Godfrey, renowned painter of the Mayan Procession series that exhibited last year at the Carnegie Museum. This beautiful book is a labor of love! $24.95
If chocolate bunnies aren't your style, perhaps you may want to indulge in two pounds of handmade and handpainted dark Belgian Chocolate in the form of the Aztec Sunstone. This is more than just chocolate, this is edible art! Other styles available include: Mayan mask of Death and Rebirth, Ix Chel the Mayan Moon Goddess, the Mayan Vision Serpent and the Sacred Heart. Priced from $29~$64.
It's hard to believe how time flies, but we are preparing for the third anniversary of the opening of our store on Murray Avenue this Cinco de Mayo (Saturday May 5th)! We will be in touch with the details for that event soon; until then: ¡Saludos!
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